Five Top E-Commerce Mobile Applications

Shopping today is increasingly drifting towards the online mode. Especially today’s generation is extremely friendly with the smartphone, eCommerce mobile apps have become very popular. Their number has grown to great heights. However, here, we will have a look at some of the innovative and the best eCommerce mobile apps. They all have some features that make them stand out from many other eCommerce apps.

IKEA Place

‘IKEA Place’ is a highly innovative mobile app from the world furniture and interior retail giant IKEA. It is among the best eCommerce mobile apps of today. Its advanced features include:

  • A ‘Visual search’ feature, with which you can point your camera to a furniture item, and it will tell you which IKEA product it is.
  • 3D models of almost all furniture are available on the app.
  • The real innovative feature of this app is the Augmented reality (AR)-based product simulator, in which you may superimpose a product image against the image of a living room in your home. You can move, rotate, and rearrange the item virtually to see if it fits into the ambiance of your home.


The eCommerce mobile app of this international textiles brand also seeks to provide a smooth online shopping experience to the customers.

  • Its ‘Visual Search’ feature can use your photos to find costumes of similar patterns or styles for you.
  • This app can also help in offline shopping. When you are in an H&M store and can’t find a suitable item according to your size or preferred color, you can use the app’s ‘Scan & Find’ feature to scan the price tag of the item, and it will answer your query.
  • Also, a feature to mark items as favorites with the heart sign is available so that you may return to it later on.

Nine West

Nine West, the reputed ladies’ fashion brand specialized in footwear and bags, brought its stores online by releasing an iPad app.

  • The app has significantly increased sales.
  • The launch of the iPad app was a boon to its customers who wanted a facility to look up a product while shopping in-store. For instance, someone who wanted to know the details about ‘NineWest TrueThat’ leather footwear or even if it is available in stock may use the app to access the relevant information.


Sephora is a Paris-based international beauty store chain with its presence around the world. The range of products covers face beauty, hair, skincare, and more from famous brands. Sephora offers tailored makeup options for every customer. With the following distinguishing features, it is regarded as one of the top eCommerce apps.

  • With the ‘Virtual artist makeover’ feature, you may try the products virtually before deciding on buying them.
  • In-store scanning of products is possible to receive ratings and reviews.


Groupon has been a very popular service for a long time. It acts as a bridge linking customers and merchants by recommending promotional offers and deals. On Groupon, you can find discounts on almost all kinds of services and products – travel, restaurants, movies, and trendy fashion, just to name a few. It is one of the most widely used eCommerce mobile apps.

  • Up to 70% discounts on favorite restaurants, activities, entertainment, and shows are easily available on Groupon.
  • Numerous promo codes and instant mobile notifications for attractive saver deals are always available around you.
  • You may directly purchase and redeem the Groupon deals on your mobile. No printing or paper required.
  • Groupon offers other specialized services, too, such as Groupon Goods for online shopping and Groupon Getaways for holiday travel.

The above discussion shows how shopping experiences have changed in recent times. The top eCommerce apps are the ones that make use of advanced knowledge and technologies, even such as Augmented reality and Machine Learning, making the online shopping experience smooth and easy for the customer. While some customers use such eCommerce mobile apps independently, others enjoy them in conjunction with offline purchasing to assist with additional information.