Apple company

Apple company is the most influential and wealthiest one for many years!

     It looks like Apple has decided to conquer the world by releasing one product for another. Almost every other person on the planet has at least one of Apple’s products, be it a computer, phone, watch, or tablet, the strength of this world-famous brand.

How did it begin

     Beginning in 1976, as a computer company manufacturing monitors, Apple has expanded its range of products since the beginning of the new millennium – having spawned iPod, iPhone, iPad and, most recently, iWatch. It is worth noting that Apple is in the ranking of 10 brands that are liked by young people.

Apple is undoubtedly a leading company, an innovative company, and in this it is very similar to its co-founder Steve Jobs.

The merits of Apple are indisputable, because the iPod audio player has made a real breakthrough in the world of digital music, the iPhone has turned our vision of mobile phones, and the iPad has set the direction for the digital device market.


All these “i-gadgets” have become an integral part of the image of a business, solid and successful person. I wouldn’t be surprised if intelligent “Apple” devices with an “ai” prefix are generally supplanted from such names as “audio player”, “phone” and “tablet computer”.

What was the difficult period of company

The co-founder of Steve Jobs died in October 2011, as a result of which many began to say that Apple is waiting for difficult times. But while predictions do not come true – since then the products of the company have become more popular, and now it boasts that it occupies a lion’s share of the market for all types of electronic gadgets. Despite the fact that news about Apple are updated daily, there are still many interesting and unknown facts about this company.


For example, the original logo of the company from the beginning did not look like a stingy apple, but it was precisely related to the famous physicist Isaac Newton. In addition, the creator of iPod first initiated the idea of​​evaluating the two largest competitors of Apple, who believed that the logo would be a complete failure. Until the apple was buggy. 

The position of the company nowaday

In addition, Apple has a capital stock of more than 136 countries.

Over the years, Apple has been able to generate a huge stock of cash reserves of $ 100 billion – which means that the company has more money than the GDP of 136 countries. In addition, Apple has cash reserves higher than the combined GDP of Iceland, Côte d’Ivoire, Serbia and Slovenia.